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The Western Federation of Nations Led by the Heart of a Born Ruler

Reinfeldt is a prince of the Heifeldt Empire, but he was never considered the heir to the throne since he's the son of a concubine.
Reinfeldt's mother suffered from severe depression after giving birth to him. On her last day at the palace, she whispered to him: "I have been true to you and only you."

Reinfeldt missed his mother, but the Queen Consort taught him,
nursed him, and loved him as her own son especially because she didn't
haveone of her own. She would always say to him,
"Lower yourself. Lay low and don't show your claws until the opportu-nity presents itself."
He focused only on becoming stronger, saying he's not interested in
getting married. When he turned 15, he gave up his privileges as a
member of the royal family and announced that he will board the expe-
dition ship to the Old Continent.

Once he's gone out into the big wide world, he was a quiet young boy
no more. Every night, he would dream of revealing his claws at last and
make everyone kneel before him.

Back in Heifeldt, princes waged a war between each other and the war
led a rebellion. In the tragic year, Reinfeldt announced complete inde-
pendence from the Empire and opened the era of a free city. "Those
who discover and exploit shall have the right to an inheritance and
land."he still had the same piercing eyes he had when he buried his
father and got back on his feet.
So many people perished and an astronomical amount money was
invested in finding the new sea route marked on his father's map that
he'd tried so hard to protect.